Linguistic solution

ZEUMAT has a network of professional translators and interpreters. They are able to effectively manage all documents and international affairs. The quality of our translations and our interpretations, our exceptional customer service and our efficient technical assistance make you rest assured and the expert take care of your projects.

Some of our interpreters have specialized in the tourist sector to offer services to the clients personalized guide services to both Chinese tourists in Spain and Spanish tourists in China

Zaragoza Pilar, con Diana García (Servicio de Promoción Turística Diputación General de Aragón

Los representantes de agencias de viajes china en ayutamiento de Teruel.

Periodico Teruel

Mora de Rubieros-La experiencia de Trufa

Canta Vieja,  Ruta Maestrazgo

Visita de bodega de vino Cariñera