About us

We are professionals with high level technical knowledge; young people committed responding to our customers. We have innovative spirit; we know our professional environment and conceive a project as a challenge. Our goal is to get a job well done and trust of our clients. We offer a professional service of specialists in each area, run by people with academic qualifications which guarantee top level knowledge of the business lines and management skills. We provide our clients with the synergies from the integration of suppliers and specialists with the unique spirit of common enterprise and management services “Turnkey”.

Professional Team
Oficina Central en España
Presidente de Honor

José Luis Rubio


Luis Rubio

Directora General

María Rubio

Directora de Relaciones Internaciones y Comercio Exterior

Jiang Xia

Director de Área de Formación

Juan Luis Jiménez

Directora Administrativa

Pilar Higueras

Especialista en Tecnología e información

Jaime Gargallo

Especialista en Comunicación

Berta Comas

Coordinador de Programas de Movilidad

Eduardo Alfonso

Coordinadora de Eventos

Wang Pen Yi

Oficina en China
Presidente y Administrador

Luis Rubio

Directora de Área de Formación

Gu Li

Formador docente

Javier Colomina

Formador docente

Omar Morente