Official Master in International Trade

Official Master in International Trade (100% inglés) (Universidad de Murcia)

ENAE’s Master’s in International Trade is aimed at international trade professionals who wish to broaden and update their knowledge, as well as university graduates who wish to develop their career in this area. The Master is taught in English.

This course aims to acquaint the participant with the most important aspects related to taxes on goods that are traded internationally. As well as the various issues and measures concerning the goods traded internationally and can lead, for the same type of goods, to reduced taxation.



  • International Taxation
  • Business Strategies
  • Firm’s Innovation Strategies for Internationalization
  • Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research in an International Context
  • International Sales Management
  • Marketing Research in an International context
  • International Distribution Channels Management
  • Global Marketing: Product, Promotion and Price
  • Internet and International Business
  • Inteligencia Competitiva para la Internacionalización
  • Economics in global Environment
  • Markets Instruments and Short-Term International Financing
  • International Logistics
  • Financial Viability of Investment Projects
  • Medium and Long Term Instruments for Export Financing and Investments
  • International Contracts
  • International Operations and Case Studies Workshop
  • Skills for International business
  • Habilidades Directivas: Dirigir Personas
Asignaturas Carácter Créditos
Gestión Empresarial Obligatoria 9
Gestión Integral de la Cadena de Suministro Obligatoria 3
Pronósticos y Planificación de la Demanda Obligatoria 3
Aprovisionamiento y Gestión de Compras Obligatoria 6
Planificación de la Producción y Gestión del Mantenimiento Obligatoria 6
Lean Management Obligatoria 3
Logística Interna y Gestión del Almacén Obligatoria 3
Finanzas y Control de Costes en la Dirección de Operaciones Obligatoria 3
Gestión del Transporte Nacional e Internacional Obligatoria 6
Sistemas de Información para la Cadena de Suministro Obligatoria 3
Dirección de Proyectos e Innovación Obligatoria 3
Prácticas Externas Obligatoria 6
Trabajo Fin de Máster Obligatoria 6